Kei Sanbe, Author of ERASED Manga, Launches New Manga Titled “13-kai Me no Ashiato” (“The 13th Footprint”)

It was the 2016 spring semester and I was attending the Community College of Denver. 20-year-old me was close to living kid me’s dream of only having school on Tuesdays and Thursdays. That meant more time eating microwaved popcorn with soda, bowls of cereal, and ramen- my newly found love thanks to Naruto- while laying in bed, binge watching anime like there was no tomorrow.

The anime ERASED had come out around that time and I heard about it from one of my favorite animators on YouTube, Domics. Luckily, the YouTuber was nice enough to not spoil the anime in his intro: 0:00 – 0:45.

I had just gotten into anime at the time with Attack on Titan being my first, but ERASED was the first anime that helped me realize anime had a variety of genres, as opposed to my original assumption that all anime were just like Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, or Dragon Ball Z. It was fun to erase my ignorance (pun totally intended) about the wonderful universe of anime.

That’s why I was ecstatic to hear Kei Sanbe, the author of ERASED, launched a new Manga series titled 13-kai Me no Ashiato (The 13th Footprint). I really loved ERASED and it was on of the many anime that created wonderful memories for me. Though it’s still far from known when there will be an anime adaption of this new Manga series (or if there will even be an anime adaption), I’m looking forward to reading the Manga.

13-kai Me no Ashiato (The 13th Footprint) is about an elementary school teacher who finds a postcard showing something bad that will happen in the future.

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